Should you cut your own hair ?

Todays blog is inspired by real life situations. Many times we see clients come in who have shockingly cut their own hair. I can say it definitely isn’t as easy as we make it appear. Of course the customers who have attempted this fully agree and are ashamed talking to their stylist. I’ve seen many different forms of trying to cover up the hot mess they created. From ball caps to several bobby pins! The worst I have seen is something similar to a Joe Dirt style lol. So please when contemplating do I or don’t I, please DON’T! Although hair does grows a half inch a month, there are growth shampoos that can be prescribed or extensions can be put in (given you left enough hair). Even if you need your fringe shaped up please call. We always work our guests in and we even do it complimentary. 

Buying shampoo at health stores versus a salon

So many consumers today are looking for organic hair products, which I think is great. Buyers beware, when it comes to hair care you need more out of your shampoo than a claim that it is organic. Although the ingredients may seem okay , the ph level is the same as water. So you’re thinking why would that be bad? Water has a ph of 7, your hair needs to maintain its natural ph level of 4.5-5.5. If it doesn’t all your color will leak out. Another thing is anyone can put an organic seal on their product, what really matters is that the product is certified organic. Yes there is a difference. In order for the product to be certified organic it has to go through actual testing. So next time you think you’re buying organic think again, especially if you have color treated hair or a keratin treatment because it will wash out! Only trust a licensed professional cosmetologist when it comes to your products. 

The dangers of box color

Box color is not only unpredictable , but can be toxic. Coloring isn’t is easy as we make it look. To be a stylist we have to go through professional school or an apprenticeship program. It takes more than just picking a color to ensure the right results. Several factors come into play. Your natural color, whether or not you have gray, and what lies underneath your natural hair. Also if you have previously colored your hair and want change, forget it. Color doesn’t lighten color. Besides that going darker without replacing the natural underlying pigments can leave your hair green! Okay so we have covered the science part. Now as far as what’s in those kits. Well for starters they have extremely high volumes of developers (the cream that you mix with the color, sometimes can be liquid) which will leave your hair damaged and if you have gray it won’t cover it. The other problem with box color is they contain metallic dyes which shred your hair fibers, which creates tears in your hair strands causing what looks like frizz. So next time you think you can touch up your roots, please don’t. Leave it to a professional. 

Is your scalp itchy?

Do you ever notice, this time of year causes your skin to itch? One of the biggest needs I see this time of year from our clients is a solution for dry itchy scalp. Well some may suffer from psoriasis, others could be suffering from the fluctuation of hot and cold weather. We offer a nioxin scalp renew treatment to help this common problem. This anti-aging treatment uses dermabrasion technology to help regenerate scalp surface skin through exfoliation. It gently removes build-up around hair follicles and helps accelerate skin surface regeneration by up to 34% compared to untreated skin. This treatment paired with a professional medicated shampoo will cure your problem and lead to healthy hair and scalp!

Your hands show your age more than anything, protect them!


Lets face it, your hands show your age more than anything. What if I told you I have a cream that is not only anti aging, but strengthens brittle nails, heals, softens, and waterproofs your hands! Well we do. It’s called moisturizing glove & it’s amazing. It’s also hypo-allergenic  & fragrance free. You must try it the next time you come into the salon. We keep a tester at the front desk, so be sure to use it. A little goes a long way. I love using it at night before bed. I guarantee you will be hooked after one use!

Cover your hair while using tanning beds!


I realize fall is officially here, and you probably don’t want to lose that summer tan. Well I don’t blame you. I do however want to let you know how bad tanning beds can be for colored/highlighted hair. Please cover your hair while tanning. Use a towel to keep it covered. Why you ask? Because tanning beds can further process your hair. Blondes are at the highest risk because if you are already platinum your hair can’t go any further. Tanning without keeping your hair covered can cause major breakage. I’ve seen this too many times. My own aunt had hair breaking and couldn’t figure why until I asked if she was covering her hair. She wasn’t of course. Needless to say she does now. I hope everyone else reading this will too.  If you hair is already breaking it’s not to late,visit my salon and we will hook you up with the right products to get your hair healthy again and actually stop it from breaking!

Moms need to take care of themselves for a change

As a Mom I can understand putting your children first. They are the first to get the new clothes, new shoes etc.  However there are certain things us Moms have to take care of and one of the most important is our hair. Our hair is not only our self image but it’s our confidence. If we feel as though we don’t look good then we don’t feel good. Most Moms that come into my salon are lucky if they can slip away to get their hair cut every 3 months. Moms are busy. We need to take time out of our busy schedules for ourselves. My recommendation so that you don’t put yourself on the back burner when it comes to your hair is PREBOOKING! What does that mean? Prebooking is making your next appointment before you leave the salon, if you don’t, time will get the best of you. You will wait until you become desperate, call the salon and pray your stylist is available. 9 times out of 10 your stylist (if shes good) will be booked, then you’re forced to make a new relationship and start over or wait even more time. Prebooking will make your life easier and help keep your sanity. You can get your hair done and get a little therapy from your stylist. Sounds pretty good huh?  

Your haircolor says alot about you… What is yours saying?

So ladies, lets talk haircolor. How do you know your wearing the right shade? As an expert colorist an and ex runway show extraordinaire, I’m here to share my secrets with you. I see women all the time that are 35 but the color they have makes them look 55. If you’re seeking to look younger, the answer is go lighter! Darker color shows more lines and wrinkles. Not everyone can be a blonde and have it look amazing. There are a ton of ways to place lighter colors in with a darker base color. This will help turn back the clock. On the flip side being too light can make some women look ill. My best solution is to have dimensional color. The era of streaks and striped highlights is out. Natural and subtle is in, and ombre is here to stay in many different forms. That’s the 411 on haircolor at the moment. 

Why you shouldn’t use a brush on wet hair

When our hair is wet it has the ability to stretch. Using a brush on wet hair is like playing with a rubber band. Keep stretching that rubber band and eventually  it will snap. The same goes for your hair while using a brush to detangle your wet hair. So what’s a girl to do? My suggestion- get a wide tooth comb, and ditch the brush. A brush is only meant for detangling dry hair. Round brushes are designed  to be used on hair that has been power dryed. You’re probably thinking “what in the world is that”? Well power drying is essential to a good, fast, and effective blowout. After you have detangled and put professional products in your hair, start drying it about 80-90% dry. This my friends is the power dry, and if you followed my instructions then you just did it. Yay for you! After that proceed to round brushing unless you’re not coordinated, then use a paddle brush to complete getting your hair dry.Finish with your favorite styling tool, after of course you have sprayed heat protectant on every section. Remember your hair is like delicate fabric and will burn without a proper heat protectant. 

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