Bombshell Beauty Lounge is excited to have a loyalty program!!! Loyalty deserves to be rewarded.

How does it work? Simply fill out a registration form at the front desk. All we need is written consent and a valid email. That’s it! No key tags or cards. Our computer will track everything.

How much are points worth? 100 points= $1. Points are credited to your account in our database. They can be redeemed towards services, retail, and gift card purchases.

When can you start to redeem them?

They can be used anytime, once you have accumulated 2000 points ($20 value).

Below is a list of how YOU can rack up the points:

  • Enrollment into the loyalty program: 200 points
  • Prebook the next appointment: 100 points
  • Refer a friend: 500 points plus still get the $20 credit for every person you send!!!
  • Product Purchase, Services, and Gift Card Purchase: 1 point per every dollar spent.
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