Does the cut and color that you currently have flatter you?

Most women have no idea what factors should come into play when choosing a new cut or color. My team has been trained to analyze face shape, which plays a huge role as far as what you can have and what you can’t have. Nothing is worse than getting a cut you thought looked great in the magazine, only to go home and realize it wasn’t for you. Many will blame their stylists, ” why did she let me get this”?, ” I look awful”?, “It’s too short”?, ” Why did I get bangs”? If you have ever uttered these very words then you know the stylist didn’t take the time to analyze everything about your hair and face shape. Another common issue is hair color. Did you know that your skin tone and heritage determines what will work for your hair color? Probably not. At my salon my stylists are required to show pictures, and or a color swatch to show you how the color will enhance your skin tone and eye color. The main purpose for color besides hiding those god awful silver highlights mother nature gives out, is to enhance the beauty you already have. So my advice to you is when choosing a stylist, make sure they do more than just a consultation. Anywhere you go gives free consultations. We give Beauty Audits. If you want to know what this is, come and experience us for yourself. My salon is like no other.  

It’s feeling like fall! Be sure to protect your skin.

Now that the weather is cooler in the morning and warm by the afternoon, it’s vital to use a skin protectant cream. I suggest and use the nutravital cream by GM Collin. This cream hydrates, reduces dehydration and protects against external aggressions. This is great for winter sports also. It improves the youthful appearance of the skin and is an excellent make up base. With the weather changing it can shock your skin and hair so be sure to add extra moisture to your product regimen. 

How to go days without washing your hair while making it still look fab!

So yesterday I talked about getting buildup out of the hair and only washing my hair 2x a week. I’m sure most of you are dying to my  secret. Most of my guests frequently ask me “how do you pull that off, I could never go that long”. Well my secret is Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo. By the 2nd day my hair gets oily, in fact I have oily skin and hair. The trick is using dry shampoo on my part, crown, and around my hairline. The dry shampoo comes out in a spray, so you need to spray and scrub like you are physically washing your hair. The product will absorb all the oil while giving added volume. I recommend doing this after you have touched up your style. One of the big advantages of waiting to wash your hair, is that you can wear many different styles. For example, on my wash day I roundbrush my hair. The next day I will use a heat protectant spray for the ends and flat iron, then dry shampoo and go. By day 3 I curl my hair with a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron, then dry shampoo and go. Day 4 is always some sort of up style, half up, or a braid or twist in the front. On the last day very little dry shampoo is needed. Remember dirty hair goes up better. This process may sound gross to some, however it’s healthier for your hair,scalp, and well being. This is a huge time saver. I have 2 small children so this helps my time management alot, not to mention extra sleep! So when it finally comes to washing it, make sure you wash it 2x to get a thorough cleaning, then condition focusing on the ends. Blowdry right after putting in the proper products recommended by your stylist of course. I suggest doing this at night 90 min before bed, this will save a ton of time and give your hair the time to cool so that you won’t have bed head in the am. That way when you wake up, you only have to fluff your hair,  touch up a tiny bit, hairspray and bam your hair is fab!

Do you ever wonder how to get product buildup out of your hair?

This morning as I was working through yesterdays plastered down hair sprayed curls, it dawned on me that most people don’t think about using a clarifying shampoo. Depending on how often you wash your , dictates how often you should clarify your hair. Clarifying/ Purifying Shampoos are designed to deep cleanse the hair safely and gently , so long as you’re using a professional one. OTC brands will simply dry the hair out, leaving it feeling like a Brillo pad. If you’re like me and only cleanse your hair 2x a week, then you should do a deep cleansing 1x a month. If you cleanse your hair everyday, then you should clarify the hair 1x a week. This will remove product buildup, chlorine, and lots of hairspray. I don’t know about you, but hairspray is my best friend. It helps bring my styles alive, especially on days between washes. My favorite purify shampoo is Purify by Pureology. It’s base is baking soda which helps to gently remove any impurities off the hair without stripping your color and moisture out. Another thing I love about Pureology is its vegan and certified organic. 

Chilly weather calls for more moisture!

As I feel the chill in the air this morning, I’m reminded that its time to change up everyone’s product regimen. Your hair isn’t the same every season, so why stick with the same hair products? With the change in weather, your hair will need more moisture based products. Styling products will differ also. Seek the knowledge from one of my expert stylists to find out what you should be using for fall. 

Is your salon current?

When looking for the right salon, be sure to  choose one that constantly updates their education. At Bombshell Beauty Lounge it’s a requirement for all stylists to take a class every quarter in addition to the classes that are held at the salon weekly by me (Christy). If your salon isn’t updating their education, you can expect to be left behind where the trends are concerned. I’m happy to say I have connections with the top New York City stylists that actually work fashion week among other things. At my salon we will keep you current , even if you may be stuck  myself & my stylists always have flair to add to any style. 

Treat your hair well!

Did you know conditioner only treats the hair on the outside? Most women don’t know that, which is why I recommend using a mask once a week. Professional hair masks treat the hair from the inside out, so they will actually improve and change your hair. Seek expert advice from your stylist for product recommendations. 

Where to Buy Hair Products

Is it better to purchase your hair care products at the salon, or should you give in and purchase them at a discount at your local drug store or warehouse? Is there really a difference?
The answer is a resounding YES!
Products sold at your hair salon have a higher concentration of ingredients that make for effective shampooing and conditioning.
Remember, when you are applying a product directly to your hair or skin, you want to make sure it is a good quality product. Salon products have some distinct advantages over store brands, or even the “same brand” but with no guarantee that what’s inside the bottle is what you think you’re buying.
Shampoos have the same basic ingredients. Surfactants are the cleaning ingredient in your shampoo that creates the lather and are considered to be the single most important component of your shampoo. Salon brands typically use sodium laureth sulfate, the most expensive and yet the gentlest of all surfactants available, meaning it is far better for your hair and skin. Ammonium lauryl sulfate is a harsh surfactant that strips your hair of vital oils and will strip chemically enhanced color from your hair much faster than other brands. That beautiful color application is going to disappear quickly if you use a shampoo with a harsh surfactant.
Professional hair care products also tend to be more concentrated, therefore a higher quality. You can use a smaller amount of the product and the bottle will last a lot longer. When used properly, you are not really spending any more money for a salon brand. In addition, salon products do not usually result in product buildup. Product buildup is unhealthy for your hair and will show up as dull, limp, lifeless hair prone to static problems.
When you use your hair care products provided by your salon, you get the double benefit of good quality products along with advice on which products best suit your haircut, color, and texture.
Your hair says a great deal about you. Treat it to good quality products based on the expert advice of your stylist.

Christy Poulin

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