Is it better to purchase your hair care products at the salon, or should you give in and purchase them at a discount at your local drug store or warehouse? Is there really a difference?
The answer is a resounding YES!
Products sold at your hair salon have a higher concentration of ingredients that make for effective shampooing and conditioning.
Remember, when you are applying a product directly to your hair or skin, you want to make sure it is a good quality product. Salon products have some distinct advantages over store brands, or even the “same brand” but with no guarantee that what’s inside the bottle is what you think you’re buying.
Shampoos have the same basic ingredients. Surfactants are the cleaning ingredient in your shampoo that creates the lather and are considered to be the single most important component of your shampoo. Salon brands typically use sodium laureth sulfate, the most expensive and yet the gentlest of all surfactants available, meaning it is far better for your hair and skin. Ammonium lauryl sulfate is a harsh surfactant that strips your hair of vital oils and will strip chemically enhanced color from your hair much faster than other brands. That beautiful color application is going to disappear quickly if you use a shampoo with a harsh surfactant.
Professional hair care products also tend to be more concentrated, therefore a higher quality. You can use a smaller amount of the product and the bottle will last a lot longer. When used properly, you are not really spending any more money for a salon brand. In addition, salon products do not usually result in product buildup. Product buildup is unhealthy for your hair and will show up as dull, limp, lifeless hair prone to static problems.
When you use your hair care products provided by your salon, you get the double benefit of good quality products along with advice on which products best suit your haircut, color, and texture.
Your hair says a great deal about you. Treat it to good quality products based on the expert advice of your stylist.

Christy Poulin

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