Winter & Dry Skin


Winter is in full swing. Dry skin is more than just rosy cheeks! In the wintertime, due to cold and wind outdoors as well as dry heat indoors, you can experience dryness all over your face, hands and feet. Flaking and cracking are the most common symptoms of winter-challenged skin. Face it. Your skin will dry out! Here are a few tips to help get through the winter months.

1. Use more moisturizer. You may have been moisturizing all summer, but due to the extra challenges of the season, what worked last summer may not work at all well for you in the winter. Unless you have severely oily skin, you may want to look for oil-based products rather than water-based products. Oil-based products create a protective layer for your skin, minimizing wind-burn, chapping, and general dryness. When choosing a moisturizer for your face, be sure to look for a non-clogging version.

2. Always use sunscreen. I know! It’s winter. It’s snowing. The wind’s blowing. But the fact is when even cloud-filtered sun hits that highly reflective snow, it is going to bounce all over the place, giving you more and more exposure to UV radiation rays than you usually find in the summer. This is particularly true for those of you who plan on skiing during your vacation. Higher altitudes make for thinner air and greater UV exposure. Your skin will suffer damage in less than thirty minutes without proper protection.

3. When you go outside in the cold, wear dry gloves to protect your hands.

4. Find a lotion that contains glycerin or petroleum jelly to use on your feet.

5. For the whole body, take a bath using an oatmeal base can alleviate your overall dry skin

Give the gift of beauty!

This holiday season give the gift of beauty! No gift can compare to a new look that one of our stylists can give you. Every woman that leaves our salon leaves with an extra pep in her step. Getting your hair done the right way can help add to a woman’s confidence. Our stylists listen and give professional recommendations.

New Winter Trends

Straight off the L’oreal press is Paris France, we have been enlightened on the winter trends. We are seeing more Rose Gold colors. Meaning beautiful apricots, think strawberry blonde with a twist! Also the new hot trend in S’ombré . What is S’ombre – it’s a subtle more natural version of the popular Ombré. Starting with dark color transitioning to a medium color then a lighter shade. Come see what the hype is all about! 

Curl Class

Everything you need to know about curling irons revealed. How to know which size iron to choose? It’s all about the end result you envision for yourself, plus the thickness and length of your hair. If you have short hair, you want to use a smaller iron. And if you already have wavy hair , choose an iron that’s the size of the waves you want to see.


Do always use heat protectant before you curl

Do wrap the hair around the barrel before clamping it and closing the iron

Do use a curling iron if you already have curling iron. Use a bigger iron if you want to stretch out your curl out a little.


Don’t apply heat protectant on your top layer only. Take it from the pros and apply section by section.

Don’t clamp the curling iron at your ends and wind up. Instead do what stylists do and start at the roots and wind in. This way your ends aren’t exposed to the heat as long( the ends are the most fragile part of your hair).

Don’t overheat  your hair. Once you’ve wound the hair, 10 seconds is all it takes.

Color does not lighten color

Dear friends & clients,

When your hair is dark (from coloring it) , you cannot go lighter by simply applying a lighter shade. Color doesn’t lighten color. You could put a lighter color on it, however nothing will happen except the root area(where new growth/ natural hair is) will be lighter. So the only way to get lighter hair is to decolorize it with lightener and them deposit the color over top of it. That my friends is what I call a color correction, plan on spending big $$$. The other more reasonable/affordable option would be to add highlights and over time the color would become lighter. 

Which Brush is best for a blowout?

Your brush can sake or break your blowout. Check out my suggestions to see what’s best suited for your hair & style.

Natural Bristle Finishing Brush- great for creating tension to get a smooth, straight look.

Natural Bristle Round Brush- smoothes the cuticle while creating bowaves big waves.

Round Ceramic Brush- the barrel and bristles heat up while you’re drying (like a curling iron) so this is perfect for getting volume into very straight hair.

Vent Brush- for quickie blow drying, a vent brush can help guide the hair while letting air through.

Paddle Brush- great for those with straight to slightly wavy hair. Helps hair fall into place naturally and perfect for haircuts that don’t need to be round brushed.

Teasing Brush- maximize your volume by backcombing the roots on the crown of your head, and then smoothing the front layer of hair back over it.

Nylon Bristle Brush- perfect for super chic bobs and pixies that need precise, perfect straightness.

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