Blowout Tips

1. Stay Lifted- hairspray is perfect for holding waves and body in place. A beauty secret to keep volume is to lift the hair and lightly spray the roots. Avoid style sabotage, by holding the can 10-12 inches away.

2. Use A Gentle Touch- when your hair is wet after shampooing, resist the urge to vigorously rub it dry with a towel. That will rough up cuticle and lead to frizz &flyaways. Instead gently blot your hair. A microfiber towel is best. They absorb water better and keep the hair smooth.

3. Make It Last- The greatest benefit of a good blowout is going for days before having to shampoo again. But if you’re like me and your hair gets greasy, you can still make it last by using dry shampoo. Fresh Dust by L’oreal or Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Big Sexy Hair will absorb oil and instantly refresh your hair. Also resist the urge to touch your hair after getting a blowout, the oil from your fingers will collapse your style.

Shine on

Most people want shiny healthy hair in pictures. So how does one accomplish that? To add a quick dose of shine I reccomend Sebastian’s Trilliant Spray. It’s an instant shine spray with mica shine crystals in it, it can be used on any style. So before that camera clicks or flashes be sure to spray some on. 

Taken advantage of filters

If you want your skin to look flawless, filters are your new best friend. They’re like a quick & easy version of photoshop. Using them can give you that airbrushed look. Instagram and Facebook have filters. Try using the Nashville & 1977 for a flawless finish.

Shampoo 101

Shampooing your hair seems so basic, but there’s actually more to it than you think. I’m going to give you the 5 perfect steps to a good a shampoo.

Step 1 Brush it out. Before getting in the shower or tub, brush your hair out. This will help break up styling products, which will make it easier for shampoo to do its job. Also you will experience less hair in your drain by doing this.

Step 2 Detangle the easy way. For tangle prone hair, shampooing can be a pain in the rear. So what’s a girl to do? Get rid of the knots before hand. I recommend using the Wella oil to help get  the knots out. Apply 1-2 pumps of oil and comb thru, then follow up with your stylists prescribed shampoo.

Step 3 Saturate with water. If your hair isn’t completely wet , your shampoo won’t be as effective. Sounds like common sense but I can’t tell you how many times we see people with clean hair on top and they have missed the underneath completely.

Step 4 Do Not Pile your hair. Piling your hair up means your shampoo won’t go to where it needs to the most. Your scalp! Apply shampoo to your scalp first & massage & lather. The suds should travel down to the rest of your hair.

Step 5 Rinse Thoroughly. A common issue is way too much shampoo is used and it doesn’t get rinsed properly. Any residual shampoo will leave hair flat and can actually attract more dirt. For best results rinse for a few minutes and separate your hair in the back where it’s the thickest to make it easier. 

Don’t forget to add conditioner after all of that. It is so important. Apply on the ends and work your way up. The scalp is the last place that needs conditioning. The ends are more thirsty. Happy shampooing! 

Beauty Trends

1. An Unfinished Lip- dabb and dot your mouth in an expressionist pattern. It will look unfinished when viewed up close but completely gorgeous when seen from afar.

2. Angling For Attention- eyelids can be tricky to apply eyeliner on. A new trend we’ve seen on the runway is a few swishes to play up the lids valleys and peaks. 

3. Epic Pale- usually fall sees a flood of dark lacquer tones, both jeweled and inky. The runway indicates a change in tonal allegiance with plenty of pale polish. Skin- flattering nudes put mannequin nails back on the map, while snow-drift whites with a hint of sparkle look completely cold weather appropriate. 

Quote of the Day

Life is full of struggles, frustrations & challenges, but you eventually find a hairstylist you like.

** especially if you come to Bombshell Beauty Lounge

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