What your scalp looks like magnified…… The scary truth


So last night we went to an amazing event for Wella, Sebastian, and Nioxin. While we were checking everything out and mingling, I stumbled across the coolest thing ever. After watching several people have their scalp analyzed with a nio scope I decided to get in the hot seat! So what is a nio scope ? It’s a very cool tool that takes a picture of your scalp magnifyed 200x. Let me be the first to say I was curious as to what they would find. As of yesterday, I hadn’t washed my hair since last Wednesday. Needless to say the picture of my scalp showed my dry shampoo on my scalp lol. I had to use a ton before the show last night. One other interesting thing came up, it showed multiple hairs coming out of each follicle. Just goes to show you that the Grande shampoo really does thicken your hair. I could definitely feel the difference since using Grande, but it was nice to get confirmation with a nifty picture of my scalp. I wish we could buy a nio scope so we could show all of our guests what their scalps look like. Unfortunately the tool is not for sale. I have begged P&G to change their minds and sell the tool. Hopefully they will change their mind. In the meantime, everyone needs to get a scalp treatment. I saw some pretty scary stuff, scalp wise. They took before pics and after pics of the ladies who opted to get a treatment last night. What a difference 1 treatment makes.  My recommendation- get a scalp renew and keep up with them. Clogged scalps look like there are bugs in there. 

Check out our you tube channel!

Hey there! Bombshell Beauty Lounge has their very own youtube channel. All of your styling questions answered with our how to videos. We also have fun videos to check out. We are not the average catty salon. We are one big happy family that loves our fun working environment. One of my favorite sayings is love what you do, do what you love. Our videos will leave you educated and give you laughter. We are always looking for ideas so if there is something you would like to know how to do and we don’t have a video on it, please request it. Our customers satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We live to make our guests happy.

It’s Homecoming Season, don’t just choose any salon.

When it comes to updos, please research the salon prior to making an appointment. Not every stylist is an updo extraordinaire.I myself cannot do one to save my life lol. Chances are you will be placed with a brand new stylist if you don’t book far in advance. Be sure to ask for references first. Every salon should have examples of their work. They can be easily emailed or check out the salons Facebook page for pictures of work they have done. At my salon we only allow the stylists who are confident and great do the updos. I also highly recommend getting your make up professionally done for the big night out. With special occasions, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Not to mention the photos will turn out better and you will feel better about yourself.

When is it time to toss your make-up?


You shouldn’t take an expired prescription. You don’t drink milk past the “use by” date. What about old makeup? How do we know when our makeup is expired? Formulas in makeup change as they age and there may be a build up of bacteria that could cause an infection. After you have opened up your product, there is a time limit on how long they are any good.

1. When you buy mascara, the box usually has an expiration date. Mascara tends to last 6-9 months.

2. Foundation can last from 6 months to one year. You may see streakiness and changes in color or texture as the formula breaks down and pigment separates from the rest of the product. If longer than two years, germs can buildup as the preservatives are less effective.

3. Cream eye shadows tend to stay fresh for about 9 months. Powdered eye shadow tends to last around 18-24 months.

4. Lipstick can last up to two years because it is oil based. Bacteria breeds more in water based products. After a year or two, the natural oils in lipstick can become rancid. If it smells or tastes strange, then toss it.

5. Moisturizer does go bad with time. If it is drying out, changing colors or smells funny it is time to toss it. Don’t use moisturizer that is over a year old.

6. Sunscreen lasts for about 6 months to one year. Over time, the effectiveness of the SPF will diminish. Also the active ingredients will separate and you will not get an even coverage when applied.

7. Makeup brushes carry germs and bacteria. It is important to wash your makeup brushes monthly.

8. Mineral makeup is as long lasting as any makeup product. However, it can still become contaminated if brushes are not cleaned timely and properly.

9. Anti-oxidant serums contain ingredients that do not last more than a year.

10. As a general rule: if your makeup smells, that’s a huge indicator hat you should not be using that product. Likewise, if the product has changed color or consistency, is cakey or has separated, then it’s time to toss it.

Did you know hairstylists work on commission ?

So I’m just going to put it out there, stylists do not make hourly wages or a salary. I could not think of what to write today until I reflected on the amount of no shows we have had recently. Stylists only make money while their chair has a client in it. The same goes for most owners, contrary to the belief the owners keep all the money. With the overhead of running a business and keeping inventory stocked, a beauty salon can be quite costly. I’m not sure why people make appointments and do not come, I would love comments on this. I thought I would write this to help educate the general public, so it could help people appreciate their stylists more. We have very demanding jobs, physical labor, offering therapy lol, and trying to please everyone can be very daunting. With that said I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love my job and my clients. 

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