Whats Hot Right Now ( Clothing & Shoe Trends)

So ladies, I’ve been reading and studying fashion week. I am excited to share with you whats hot this fall season with clothes and shoes. So lets talk shoes! I love shoes, in fact I am some what of a shoe hoarder lol. Loafers are super cute this season!  There are several different choices from Classic studded , Cute Slipper like, A touch of lace, The Girly Girl ( bow accented), and lets not forget Sequins. The fashion kicks you really need this season is wedge sneakers. They go perfect with leggings or skinny jeans. Most of the wedge sneakers I have seen consist of suede with a nice 3 inch wedge heel. Last but not least boots are still hot. Anything from buckles to lace up boots, booties or knee high they are still the rage for fall. And if you’re like me and cant wear heels of any kind there are plenty of flat boot choices thank God! If you’re thinking you need even more comfort Uggs are still popular too.

Clothing wise I am seeing a lot of sheer fabric and lace. Sheer dresses, skirts, and shirt are definitely the way to go if you want to have that runway look. The tough look is also in and one of my favorites. Leather vests paired with the perfect pair of skinny jeans and boots with buckles will have you looking edgy. Tweed is back! Such a timeless fabric and makes for the perfect jacket  to complete any suit or skirt.  Well there you have it, the top trends of the season. If you would like to view some of the items I mentioned, I highly recommend Victoria’s Secret. They sell clothes and shoes. I have gotten a lot of great shoes and clothes from there for myself. The sizes are comparable to Express.



Ways to save $$ on your hair

With all this talk of government shut down, I would like to share some money saving tips. One of the great money savers we offer here is a Fiberceutic treatment. This treatment is a haircut in a bottle. So if your short on funds and want those split ends sealed,  I would suggest getting the Fiberceutic. It’s a $30 treatment that will last 4 weeks and can last longer depending on how often you wash your hair. We also offer partial color retouches to camouflage the areas that are more noticeable. If you have gray hair, we have a spray concealer that we can match to your color that will make your hair look fresh and buy you more time. Have no fear, the great stylists of Bombshell Beauty Lounge are here to help and work with you. 

Should you cut your own hair ?

Todays blog is inspired by real life situations. Many times we see clients come in who have shockingly cut their own hair. I can say it definitely isn’t as easy as we make it appear. Of course the customers who have attempted this fully agree and are ashamed talking to their stylist. I’ve seen many different forms of trying to cover up the hot mess they created. From ball caps to several bobby pins! The worst I have seen is something similar to a Joe Dirt style lol. So please when contemplating do I or don’t I, please DON’T! Although hair does grows a half inch a month, there are growth shampoos that can be prescribed or extensions can be put in (given you left enough hair). Even if you need your fringe shaped up please call. We always work our guests in and we even do it complimentary. 

Buying shampoo at health stores versus a salon

So many consumers today are looking for organic hair products, which I think is great. Buyers beware, when it comes to hair care you need more out of your shampoo than a claim that it is organic. Although the ingredients may seem okay , the ph level is the same as water. So you’re thinking why would that be bad? Water has a ph of 7, your hair needs to maintain its natural ph level of 4.5-5.5. If it doesn’t all your color will leak out. Another thing is anyone can put an organic seal on their product, what really matters is that the product is certified organic. Yes there is a difference. In order for the product to be certified organic it has to go through actual testing. So next time you think you’re buying organic think again, especially if you have color treated hair or a keratin treatment because it will wash out! Only trust a licensed professional cosmetologist when it comes to your products. 

The dangers of box color

Box color is not only unpredictable , but can be toxic. Coloring isn’t is easy as we make it look. To be a stylist we have to go through professional school or an apprenticeship program. It takes more than just picking a color to ensure the right results. Several factors come into play. Your natural color, whether or not you have gray, and what lies underneath your natural hair. Also if you have previously colored your hair and want change, forget it. Color doesn’t lighten color. Besides that going darker without replacing the natural underlying pigments can leave your hair green! Okay so we have covered the science part. Now as far as what’s in those kits. Well for starters they have extremely high volumes of developers (the cream that you mix with the color, sometimes can be liquid) which will leave your hair damaged and if you have gray it won’t cover it. The other problem with box color is they contain metallic dyes which shred your hair fibers, which creates tears in your hair strands causing what looks like frizz. So next time you think you can touch up your roots, please don’t. Leave it to a professional. 

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