Box color is not only unpredictable , but can be toxic. Coloring isn’t is easy as we make it look. To be a stylist we have to go through professional school or an apprenticeship program. It takes more than just picking a color to ensure the right results. Several factors come into play. Your natural color, whether or not you have gray, and what lies underneath your natural hair. Also if you have previously colored your hair and want change, forget it. Color doesn’t lighten color. Besides that going darker without replacing the natural underlying pigments can leave your hair green! Okay so we have covered the science part. Now as far as what’s in those kits. Well for starters they have extremely high volumes of developers (the cream that you mix with the color, sometimes can be liquid) which will leave your hair damaged and if you have gray it won’t cover it. The other problem with box color is they contain metallic dyes which shred your hair fibers, which creates tears in your hair strands causing what looks like frizz. So next time you think you can touch up your roots, please don’t. Leave it to a professional. 

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