So many consumers today are looking for organic hair products, which I think is great. Buyers beware, when it comes to hair care you need more out of your shampoo than a claim that it is organic. Although the ingredients may seem okay , the ph level is the same as water. So you’re thinking why would that be bad? Water has a ph of 7, your hair needs to maintain its natural ph level of 4.5-5.5. If it doesn’t all your color will leak out. Another thing is anyone can put an organic seal on their product, what really matters is that the product is certified organic. Yes there is a difference. In order for the product to be certified organic it has to go through actual testing. So next time you think you’re buying organic think again, especially if you have color treated hair or a keratin treatment because it will wash out! Only trust a licensed professional cosmetologist when it comes to your products. 

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