So last night we went to an amazing event for Wella, Sebastian, and Nioxin. While we were checking everything out and mingling, I stumbled across the coolest thing ever. After watching several people have their scalp analyzed with a nio scope I decided to get in the hot seat! So what is a nio scope ? It’s a very cool tool that takes a picture of your scalp magnifyed 200x. Let me be the first to say I was curious as to what they would find. As of yesterday, I hadn’t washed my hair since last Wednesday. Needless to say the picture of my scalp showed my dry shampoo on my scalp lol. I had to use a ton before the show last night. One other interesting thing came up, it showed multiple hairs coming out of each follicle. Just goes to show you that the Grande shampoo really does thicken your hair. I could definitely feel the difference since using Grande, but it was nice to get confirmation with a nifty picture of my scalp. I wish we could buy a nio scope so we could show all of our guests what their scalps look like. Unfortunately the tool is not for sale. I have begged P&G to change their minds and sell the tool. Hopefully they will change their mind. In the meantime, everyone needs to get a scalp treatment. I saw some pretty scary stuff, scalp wise. They took before pics and after pics of the ladies who opted to get a treatment last night. What a difference 1 treatment makes.  My recommendation- get a scalp renew and keep up with them. Clogged scalps look like there are bugs in there. 

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