So yesterday I talked about getting buildup out of the hair and only washing my hair 2x a week. I’m sure most of you are dying to my ¬†secret. Most of my guests frequently ask me “how do you pull that off, I could never go that long”. Well my secret is Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo. By the 2nd day my hair gets oily, in fact I have oily skin and hair. The trick is using dry shampoo on my part, crown, and around my hairline. The dry shampoo comes out in a spray, so you need to spray and scrub like you are physically washing your hair. The product will absorb all the oil while giving added volume. I recommend doing this after you have touched up your style. One of the big advantages of waiting to wash your hair, is that you can wear many different styles. For example, on my wash day I roundbrush my hair. The next day I will use a heat protectant spray for the ends and flat iron, then dry shampoo and go. By day 3 I curl my hair with a 1.5 inch barrel curling iron, then dry shampoo and go. Day 4 is always some sort of up style, half up, or a braid or twist in the front. On the last day very little dry shampoo is needed. Remember dirty hair goes up better. This process may sound gross to some, however it’s healthier for your hair,scalp, and well being. This is a huge time saver. I have 2 small children so this helps my time management alot, not to mention extra sleep! So when it finally comes to washing it, make sure you wash it 2x to get a thorough cleaning, then condition focusing on the ends. Blowdry right after putting in the proper products recommended by your stylist of course. I suggest doing this at night 90 min before bed, this will save a ton of time and give your hair the time to cool so that you won’t have bed head in the am. That way when you wake up, you only have to fluff your hair, ¬†touch up a tiny bit, hairspray and bam your hair is fab!

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