This morning as I was working through yesterdays plastered down hair sprayed curls, it dawned on me that most people don’t think about using a clarifying shampoo. Depending on how often you wash your , dictates how often you should clarify your hair. Clarifying/ Purifying Shampoos are designed to deep cleanse the hair safely and gently , so long as you’re using a professional one. OTC brands will simply dry the hair out, leaving it feeling like a Brillo pad. If you’re like me and only cleanse your hair 2x a week, then you should do a deep cleansing 1x a month. If you cleanse your hair everyday, then you should clarify the hair 1x a week. This will remove product buildup, chlorine, and lots of hairspray. I don’t know about you, but hairspray is my best friend. It helps bring my styles alive, especially on days between washes. My favorite purify shampoo is Purify by Pureology. It’s base is baking soda which helps to gently remove any impurities off the hair without stripping your color and moisture out. Another thing I love about Pureology is its vegan and certified organic. 

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