Most women have no idea what factors should come into play when choosing a new cut or color. My team has been trained to analyze face shape, which plays a huge role as far as what you can have and what you can’t have. Nothing is worse than getting a cut you thought looked great in the magazine, only to go home and realize it wasn’t for you. Many will blame their stylists, ” why did she let me get this”?, ” I look awful”?, “It’s too short”?, ” Why did I get bangs”? If you have ever uttered these very words then you know the stylist didn’t take the time to analyze everything about your hair and face shape. Another common issue is hair color. Did you know that your skin tone and heritage determines what will work for your hair color? Probably not. At my salon my stylists are required to show pictures, and or a color swatch to show you how the color will enhance your skin tone and eye color. The main purpose for color besides hiding those god awful silver highlights mother nature gives out, is to enhance the beauty you already have. So my advice to you is when choosing a stylist, make sure they do more than just a consultation. Anywhere you go gives free consultations. We give Beauty Audits. If you want to know what this is, come and experience us for yourself. My salon is like no other.  

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