When our hair is wet it has the ability to stretch. Using a brush on wet hair is like playing with a rubber band. Keep stretching that rubber band and eventually  it will snap. The same goes for your hair while using a brush to detangle your wet hair. So what’s a girl to do? My suggestion- get a wide tooth comb, and ditch the brush. A brush is only meant for detangling dry hair. Round brushes are designed  to be used on hair that has been power dryed. You’re probably thinking “what in the world is that”? Well power drying is essential to a good, fast, and effective blowout. After you have detangled and put professional products in your hair, start drying it about 80-90% dry. This my friends is the power dry, and if you followed my instructions then you just did it. Yay for you! After that proceed to round brushing unless you’re not coordinated, then use a paddle brush to complete getting your hair dry.Finish with your favorite styling tool, after of course you have sprayed heat protectant on every section. Remember your hair is like delicate fabric and will burn without a proper heat protectant. 

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