I realize fall is officially here, and you probably don’t want to lose that summer tan. Well I don’t blame you. I do however want to let you know how bad tanning beds can be for colored/highlighted hair. Please cover your hair while tanning. Use a towel to keep it covered. Why you ask? Because tanning beds can further process your hair. Blondes are at the highest risk because if you are already platinum your hair can’t go any further. Tanning without keeping your hair covered can cause major breakage. I’ve seen this too many times. My own aunt had hair breaking and couldn’t figure why until I asked if she was covering her hair. She wasn’t of course. Needless to say she does now. I hope everyone else reading this will too.  If you hair is already breaking it’s not to late,visit my salon and we will hook you up with the right products to get your hair healthy again and actually stop it from breaking!

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