Which Brush is best for a blowout?

Your brush can sake or break your blowout. Check out my suggestions to see what’s best suited for your hair & style.

Natural Bristle Finishing Brush- great for creating tension to get a smooth, straight look.

Natural Bristle Round Brush- smoothes the cuticle while creating bowaves big waves.

Round Ceramic Brush- the barrel and bristles heat up while you’re drying (like a curling iron) so this is perfect for getting volume into very straight hair.

Vent Brush- for quickie blow drying, a vent brush can help guide the hair while letting air through.

Paddle Brush- great for those with straight to slightly wavy hair. Helps hair fall into place naturally and perfect for haircuts that don’t need to be round brushed.

Teasing Brush- maximize your volume by backcombing the roots on the crown of your head, and then smoothing the front layer of hair back over it.

Nylon Bristle Brush- perfect for super chic bobs and pixies that need precise, perfect straightness.

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